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Mighty DUKs Top Tips for feeling better


• Don’t stop taking your insulin – if you can’t eat solid food and are worried you might go hypo try to replace your usual amount of carbohydrate by sipping sugary drinks or sucking boiled sweets or glucose tablets.


• Drink plenty of sugar-free liquids.


• Rest – exercise will make things worse.


• Keep testing your blood glucose levels.


• Test your urine for ketones.


• If your blood glucose levels are over 15mmol/l you may have to increase your insulin dose – but seek medical advice first.


• If your blood glucose levels are continuously high or if you are vomiting and unable to keep anything down, contact your healthcare team straight away.


Contact your GP or diabetes care team if you are in any way unsure about what to do, and especially if you are being sick.

"Drink plently of unsweetened fluids too - aim to drink at least three litres (5pints) a day."

Illness and infections,


including things like:


• Colds, bronchitis and flu,


• Vomiting and diarrhoea,


• Urinary infections, and


• Skin infections,


can raise your blood glucose levels, even if

you are not eating asmuch as normal or are

being sick, so


when you're ill it's important to:


• keep taking your insulin, and


• keep testing your blood glucose.


Doing both is really important as this is the only way you can keep in control of your diabetes. Finding out if your blood glucose levels are too high is important as this may be what is making you feel so unwell.


If you’ve got too little insulin in your body and your blood glucose levels keep rising you could develop something called ketoacidosis. you may need to increase your dose of insulin – but seek medical advice first.


Feeling Sick


You will still need to keep your carbohydrate levels up to avoid going hypo, so try some of the following:


• Sip sugary drinks, such as squash or fizzy drinks


• Sip milky drinks, such as drinking chocolate


• Eat some soup or try a little ice cream


If you can’t face anything else try:


• sucking boiled sweets, or


• glucose tablets.

DUKing Unwell