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Diabetes clinics give you the chance to meet medical experts who can check that you’re well and give you highly specialised advice on how to control your diabetes.


Why do I need to go to a clinic?


There are a number of reasons why it is important to go to your diabetes clinic, these include:


• To help you understand new things


• To keep up to date with new developments


• It gives you the chance to talk to someone about your diabetes and how it affects your daily life


• It gives you the chance to ask questions about your diabetes


• To get specialist help with your diabetes (you are unlikely to get this kind of expertise at your GP practice)


• Clinic staff will check your diabetes control and help you with any difficulties


• Clinic staff can check for any developing complications.


• Clinic staff can show you how well you are controlling your blood glucose over a longer period of time than your daily results.


• Clinic staff should also give you the results of any tests and explain them to you. These results will help you with your diabetes control. If you’re not given the results, or don’t understand them, just ask.












How often do I have to go?


You have your annual review once a year, though you may need to go more often depending on your needs.


How will I know I need to go? The clinic will send you out a letter inviting you to come for an appointment. This will only happen though if you have remembered to keep your GP updated with your address.


Common clinic complaints


"I don't want to go!"


Some people don’t want to go to their clinic appointments. Sometimes this is because they may feel self-conscious or don’t want to face up to certain issues.


But it’s better to go than not go.


The clinic is there to help you manage your diabetes as best you can. People often come away from these clinics surprised at how much they’ve learnt and how easy it was to have a problem solved.

"Having the right care is essential for the wellbeing of all people with diabetes.

There is a minimum level of healthcare that every person with diabetes deserves and should expect."

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